Find everything you will need to know to participate in our lab, including our contact information and more!

How to get involved

Parking is free & easy to find.

If you are coming to our lab for an experiment, you may park in the Fee Lane Parking Garage or Forrest Avenue Parking Garage for free*.


  1. Enter the parking garage and take a ticket as directed - KEEP THIS TICKET!
  2. When leaving the garage, scan your parking ticket
  3. A parking fee will be displayed. 
  4. Scan validation card
  5. Parking fee will be reduced to ZERO and you may exit the parking garge. 

The CAN Lab is located in Room A104 in the Psychology Building

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Psychology Building

Fee Lane Parking Garage 

Forrest Parking Garage 

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IUB's fMRI facility is located at the IRF | The IRF houses a Siemens 3 Tesla Prisma MRI scanner, two Electrical Geodesics 64 channel EEG systems, a full-sized mock scanner, and a neuroimaging analysis lab with 8 workstations for EEG/ERP/neural source modeling and fMRI data analysis.



Imaging Research Facility (IRF)

Find all you need to know about IRF at Indiana University on their website: 

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Find more information about IRF at IUB's Psychological and Brain Sciences website: 

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Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI)

CAN Lab's "What is fMRI?" brochure:

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Find more information about fMRI on their website: 

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Influences of Drawing

- How drawing is used as an encoding tool for children
- How drawing affects early literacy and cognitive skills
Rebecca Bove  MS

Visual & Haptic Object Recognition

Specifically cross and within modal
- Multisensory object interactions
- Active manual control of objects 
- Viewpoint effects
- The visual system
Hellen Kyler  BA

The Interactive Relationship Between Attention & Fine Motor Skills 

Specifically throughout typical development and in individudals with ADHD
- How handwriting abilities affect learning and classroom engagement
in both young children and in college students
Gabrielle Shimko  BA

Parents have you ever wondered...

  • How children learn to read? write? draw?
  • How children process objects? faces? emotions?
  • How your child's brain has changed from learning?

The Cognition and Action Neuroimaging Lab has on-going behavioral and fMRI studies which help answer these questions. The MRI is a completely safe research tool for children*. We make the studies fun and rewarding, so both children and parents enjoy coming to our lab to 'play a game', 'be a scientist', 'take a ride in the spaceship' and more! This is why most come back again and again to participate.

We recognize we could not do our research without willing children and parents! As a thank-you, all subjects receive a gift for participating: either a toy, t-shirt or book. Children who participate in our fMRI studies also receive a $20 gift card, small gift and a CD full of pictures of their brain.

Parking for participants is free behind the Psychology Building in the Fee Lane Parking Garage (709 N. Fee Lane). A Research Assistant will meet you and your child in the garage to escort you in the building. We strive to make the experience easy and fun for both of you! View the 'Directions' tab (located above) for more information.

So, your child wants to be a child scientist, now what?

1. Email our lab and get in contact with us

2. Call our lab to speak with members and answer questions 

(812) 856-7237

3. Join our subject database by completeing the following form 

Join now!

* If you have additional questions about fMRI scanning safety, please view the fMRI & IRF tab (located above) for more information.



Looking for a summer activity week for children? We support Child-Scientist Activity Week (C-SAW) annually here at the Psychological and Brain Sciences Department at Indiana University, Bloomington. 

Register your child now! csaw-children



Looking for more Community Outreach Services for children? The CAN Lab is involved with many! Find the one that interests your child the most. 

More Community Outreach Services


Subject with our outer space-themed full-sized mock scanner and fluffly friend, Mr. Bananas.
Staff member, JeanneMarie Heeb, participating at C-SAW.
Lab member using full-sized mock scanner.
Subject and lab member, Laura, in the lab.
Lab PI, Dr. James, pictured with our fRMI machine.
Subject with our full-sized mock scanner and fluffly friend, Mr. Bananas.
Mom and her 3 children participating in lab research.
Director, Dr. James, and a lab member are scanning a subject with our Siemens 3 Tesla Prisma MRI scanner.
Subject interacting with a mathematical equation.
Subject watching a movie.
Lab member, Alyssa, using our outer space-themed full-sized mock scanner on subject.